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Dance Classes at Aspire Dance School Saskatoon

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  • Creative Ballet: Just as the toddler stage passes, this class is specifically designed for the milestone of 3 year olds. This movement program offers interactive activities that help to develop the child’s basic motor skills through stories, song and dance.   With the use of props and a wide assortment of music, children will increase muscle coordination, special awareness and music appreciation.
  • Pre-Ballet 1 and Pre-Ballet 2Graduating through ages 4-6, this program introduces the child to the primary basics of ballet technique in a dynamic and creative environment.  Children will improve poise, balance, coordination and muscle development. Musicality and individual creativity is encouraged in a safe and nurturing environment.
  • Ballet 1 and upThese classes are a perfect choice for children with who want a creative outlet.   In a positive and encouraging atmosphere, children will develop poise, flexibility, strength, and self-confidence.  While encouraging an appreciation for this classical art form, musicality and individual creativity is encouraged.   Classes provide a broad practical dance education, progressively developing the technical, musical and performance skills of each student.   Preparation and participation for the Royal Academy of Dance Examinations is available.  Dance and movement elements gained through ballet technique carry over to strengthen jazz and tap technique.   

Hip Hop(7+)

Hip-Hop is a dance form that is not a particularly “set” style. Hip-Hop branches off into many individuals styles and therefore these Hip-Hop classes will blend many techniques together to educate students on different ways of moving. Students will combine quick and sharp movements with slow and smooth movements to create eye-appealing combinations learned and practiced in class, as well as learning a choreographed dance for a year-end performance. Most importantly, Hip-Hop is all about getting down and being funky! 




Tap classes begin with students learning basic tap steps as well as building on those learned steps.  Students will learn how to count and understand various beats within music and by doing so they will be able to grasp the relationship between the sounds they create with their feet and the music.  Although the classes are based on developing rhythm and coordination there are definitely times when students are able to bring their own creativity to their tap dancing! 


Think Chicago, All That Jazz and Sweet Charity! Built on the foundations of jazz and swing music, jazz dance is a high energy form using movements from a variety of techniques drawn from ballet, swing, vaudeville and African dance traditions combined with stylized choreography.

Music Theatre (7+)

This class is designed for assisting our students to become comfortable with stage performance in a script setting. Students who dream of dancing, singing, and even script-reading, should consider taking this opportunity to start training today! Take your Musical Theatre training to the next level by preparing for live stage performances in our Broadway classes.