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Dance Teacher Bios at Aspire Dance School Saskatoon


Micheal Lander
Micheal Lander started the Aspire Dance School eight years ago after successfully starting another performing arts school focused on music education in 2008 called 12 String Studios. His passion and love for the performing arts combined with both a certificate and diploma in Small Business has enabled him to create job opportunities for dozens of teachers in the performing arts and opportunities to learn for hundreds of students in Saskatoon. With much education and experience in business management and countless hours studying his own skills specializing in guitar and songwriting, he is humbled and appreciative of the support the parent company Studio XII has received in the community.  
Alex - Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre, Lrical 
Miss Alex started her passion for dance at the age of 3 and she continued to study dance until after grade 12. She started with strictly ballet classes, but as her love as dance grew, this soon branched out to jazz, lyrical, musical theatre, tap, hip hop, modern, pointe and allegro. At the age of 7 she was introduced to the word of competition when her musical theatre group went to the Humboldt Music Festival for the first time. From that point forward, she became a fierce competitor, and competed with her groups as well as in duets at many different competitions throughout Saskatchewan earning her many awards and medals.  
Dance is Miss Alex’s passion, and in her group classes she wants everyone to experience what dance has to offer through hard work, but by also having fun.  Technique is important and will be a focus in class, as well as learning how to express yourself through the music.  With all of Miss Alex’s experience she hopes to incorporate the various techniques to bring some fresh ideas to her choreography, which the students will enjoy and learn. 
Kaely - Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap
Kaely was just three years old when she started dancing recreationally. As the years passed she grew a strong passion and love for performing. By the age of six she moved to Saskatoon, and started competing in tap and jazz groups. She trained for 16 years in tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, lyrical, contemporary and pointe. 
She strives to be an inspiration to her students. At a young age dance teaches the values and skills of creativity, problem solving, risk taking, and how to work well with others on a team. Her ultimate goal is to give children a confidence boost, and to share the love of dance she has with them with determination to teach them each and every skill with proper technique.
Caroline - Kip Hop, Jazz
Caroline has been a teacher of Jazz and K-pop for 7 years and attended many competitions in China.  She has plenty of experience in performing for commercial advertisements and in training dance teams for competitions.  With her major in education and a great deal of dance experience, she teaches with exemplary patience and excellent communication skills. 
Her lessons not only improve her students’ confidence, but also spreads her contagious love and spirit for dance.  In the process of learning Jazz and K-pop, the fundamentals of Jazz are learnt first, and they are eventually incorporated with K-pop or Jazz dance. Caroline looks forward to enjoying the K-pop and jazz classes with all the students at Aspire Dance School in Fall term!